Fun Poolside Accessories To Have This Summer

A 3 minute read, Posted on Thu, May 18, 2017

You have always enjoyed your in-ground pool, but lately the fun factor has become a little stale. Purchasing a variety of new items to add to this area will give it more pizzazz and appeal for everyone in your family as well as their guests. The following poolside accessories will add hours of fun and safety to your summer at the pool:

Basketball Hoop

If there are sportsmen in your family, you cannot go wrong with a poolside basketball hoop. It can be mounted on the side of the pool, and if you have the space, two of these would really create a competitive arena for avid players. A rousing game of ball will have everyone romping and splashing in the water for hours.


A new cooler on wheels will allow beverages to be transported from the kiddie pool on one end to the deep waters on the other. The heavy insulation and lid will keep drinks refreshing and cold throughout the hot summer months.

Portable Shower

A portable shower will add so much convenience to this area. Mom will not have to worry about wet children and adults tracking through her house on their way to the interior bathrooms. Add a standing towel bar, towel bin, and a deck box for storage for even more convenience.


New furniture can really jazz up your poolside area. “Invest in tables, chairs, loungers, and maybe even a new bar with accompanying bar stools” recommends the inground pool specialists in Chicago, Sunset Pools & Spas. A fire pit will add ambience and warmth to cooler evenings. Portable heaters will create party and event space that can be used earlier in the spring and into the fall.

Safety Equipment

It is essential that safety equipment for your in-ground pool be added and updated every year. New safety rings, steps, backboard, gates, latches, covers, and nets are just of the few articles that need to be inspected and possibly replaced over time. Adding new toys and accessories to your in-ground pool area every year will keep things exciting and entertaining for all ages. And don't forget, there is also a great variety of toys and accessories that can be used inside the pool such as volley ball nets and floating coolers. Stay abreast of trends in aquatic equipment and entertainment items for a backyard that will never fail to keep everyone happy and occupied. As you can see, it doesn't have to be a huge challenge to fix up your pool area for the summer. With just a few of these additions, it will again become your backyard hot spot for friends and family.