Fun Craft Projects For Kids of Any Age

A 3 minute read, Posted on Fri, Apr 28, 2017

Children of all ages can learn valuable lifelong skills through fun and artistic craft projects. Later on in life, children can use these valuable skills to start their own projects or use creativity in effective ways, such as gifts or even starting a crafts-based business. Here are five easy craft projects for of any age.

Painting Bird Houses

This project teaches children about nature and placing value in wildlife. Birdhouses come in a variety of different plain wooden bases, already assembled and ready for painting and decorating. Building a home can mean a lot of different things, and this project gives kids a chance to try their hand at decorating and painting three-dimensional objects. Don't limit this project to just painting, give the kids some glue and foam shapes like stars, polka dots, or ribbon bows.

Versatility in Braiding

One of the most valuable skills you can teach a child is how to braid objects. Braiding can be used in the hair, to create bracelets, or even in making efficient and tough knots. Braiding opens the doors to hobbies like leatherworking and tailoring when children grow up. Teach children this valuable skill through a simple crafting project like creating a braided bracelet.

Candle & Soap Making

One of the more fun crafting projects is candle and soap making. A lot of crafts stores sell the soap and candle bases to put together these projects. All you need is a microwave and fun shaped molds, along with two or three fragrance oils for some added variety. These projects teach kids the importance of properly mixing and melting simple compounds and combining them. This can also peak their interest in pursuing candle and soap making as hobbies when they are adults. Plus, handmade soap and candles make for really stunning and elegant gifts.

Recycled Dice Tower

Children of all ages have played board games before involving dice. With this project, they can learn to recycle objects and give them a permanent utility, all while stimulating their creative side. Dice towers are easy to make and can be put together using a number of different objects such as a shoe box or even a can of soup. Once they have completed their dice tower, they can use them for board games involving dice.

Bottled Sand Art

It's no secret that children are facing higher amounts of stress than previous years. With bottled sand art, you can give them a colorful stress-relieving outlet. All you need to put this project together is some bottles or jars and some colored sand. Having a variation of colors gives children the power of creating something truly unique and custom. They can even attach a keychain to small bottles to give away as gifts.