DIY Picture Frames for Your Home

A 3 minute read, Posted on Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Are you tired of paying big prices for picture frames? Some of them have a flimsy construction and do not look as good on your walls as they did in the store. If you have some crafting tools and materials, it is easy to make your own frames in many different styles. Try some of these great ideas for DIY picture frames:

Unique Wooden Frames

You can buy 1x2 boards at a lumber yard for a little over a buck a piece. Measure out how big you want the frames and cut four lengths of board. Using a quality wood glue, glue the boards together and let them dry. Taking two smaller lengths of boards, use a brad gun to nail them vertically against the other wood boards. You can stain it or distress it for a shabby chic look. Glue a miniature clothespin on the front of the frame to hold the picture. These primitive frames make perfect gifts for extended family.

Mason Jar Picture Frames

Who says that pictures can only be framed in wood? Take a clean Mason jar and spray paint it a pleasant color. After the jar has dried, cut a photograph and glue it on the front of it. If you want, cut some small rick-rack in a coordinating color to frame the picture. Fill the jar with some lovely flowers and set it on a table or on your mantle. A grouping of these would be a lovely focal point.

Twig Frame

Buy an inexpensive frame at the store, or upcycle one that you already have. Cut a twig in lengths that would be long enough to cover the frame. Use a glue gun and glue the cut twigs around the frame’s perimeter. After the twigs have dried, you can frame your favorite outdoor photo in it. These frames are ideal for people who like earthy and primitive designs.

Washi Tape Frame

Washi tape is a DIY crafter’s dream material! If you want to make an interesting creation for a favorite photo, buy several coordinating rolls of washi tape and a plain picture frame. Cover the whole outside of the frame with different widths and tape designs. You can make these frames elegant or whimsical.

Vintage Book Frames

If you love books, then you will adore these vintage-style picture frames made from them. You can choose from tons of old books in different sizes, colors, and styles for nearly nothing at thrift stores. Measure a square on the cover of your book and place it on a cutting mat. Use a sharp craft knife and a ruler to cut out the square. On the title page, measure and draw a square that is a little smaller than the opening on the cover. Gather up a few pages, and cut through them to make a series of squares.

On the next page after the cuts, draw a square that is a little smaller than the previous one. Gather up some pages and cut squares from them. You have created a layered look for your photo. Now, glue the front and back cover to the pages. Using a brush, put a coat of decoupage around the cut pages’ edges. After it dries, use craft glue to place a pretty photo in the smallest opening. Book frames are stunning in groupings along a mantle or side table.