Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

A 3 minute read, Posted on Mon, May 22, 2017

An alarm system and a big family dog with an intimidating face and big bark are the best ways to secure your home, but not the only ways. Your home is where you lay down your family to sleep each night. It’s where you store the things you love the most, and it’s where you make your happiest memories. It’s a place you feel safe and secure, and keeping it that way is important to you. No one should ever come into your home and take away the feeling of security you have at home, but it happens. You should install an alarm system, and it's never a bad idea to get a big dog with a mean bark, and still secure your home in other manners. Why not try one of these creative ways to keep your home safe?

Keep It Visible

One of the most creative ways to keep your house safe is to make it difficult for burglars to hide. Many of them look for tall bushes and other décor, and they want to hide behind fences, gates, and other items in the yard that conceal them from your windows and even from the view the neighbors have of your home. When there’s nowhere to hide, many burglars will move on to another house with fewer chances of being seen.

Light it Up

Along the same lines of keeping your yard free of hiding places is keeping your house well lit. When you turn on the outside light at night, the neighbors and anyone driving by, walking their dog, or just sitting on their own porch can see your house. Burglars don’t want to be seen standing on someone’s front porch or by the back door, so they’ll skip your house.

Hide the Good Stuff

It’s your house, and you should be able to decorate it as much as you want in any way you want. Burglars want you to leave your nice, expensive Gucci loafers outside the front door on your big wraparound porch when you come in after a day of rain and don’t want to track mud on the carpet. “They may see those expensive shoes and automatically assume you have a house filled with other pricey items, and you become a bigger target” advises one of Chicago’s most trusted security companies.

Keep it Off Social Media

If you want to get creative protecting your home, don’t share it on social media. No house photos, no photos of that new flat screen in the man-cave, and no photos with house numbers or street names on it go on social media. It should be common sense, but don’t post anything about leaving on vacation on social media. If you want to upload photos of your amazing trip, wait until you’re home and with your house.

Keeping your house safe is easy, but it sometimes takes a bit more work than simply using a security system. When it doesn’t look as appealing, it’s less likely to become a target. It’s always helpful to get to know the neighbors, to get to know the neighborhood, and to watch out for one another when you have the chance.