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Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

An alarm system and a big family dog with an intimidating face and big bark are the best ways to secure your home, but not the only ways. Your home is where you lay down your family to sleep each night. It’s where you store the things you love the most, and it’s where you make your happiest memories. It’s a place you feel safe and secure, and keeping it that way is important to you.

Fun Poolside Accessories To Have This Summer

You have always enjoyed your in-ground pool, but lately the fun factor has become a little stale. Purchasing a variety of new items to add to this area will give it more pizzazz and appeal for everyone in your family as well as their guests. The following poolside accessories will add hours of fun and safety to your summer at the pool: Basketball HoopIf there are sportsmen in your family, you cannot go wrong with a poolside basketball hoop.

Planting a Pet-Safe Garden

As the spring days warm up and the ground starts to thaw, gardeners are reminded that soon it will be time to plant the garden. There is a sense of pride that homeowners take in how a yard looks, how the flowerbeds are arranged and how every little detail when put together is what makes it home. The beauty of the yard is a wonder to look at, but if you own a pet, you might need to wonder about how safe it is for them.

How to Plan Your Own Craft Room

Before remodeling a room to turn it into a craft room, take the time to design a well thought out blueprint. How you move throughout the space while doing a craft and where you sit while doing it is important. Purchase graph paper to use for designing the basics of the room and consider each square on the paper to equal to one foot. Measure the room and all of the larger pieces that will go into the room.